22 September 2006

Foot Fetish

Now that the merino/silk (I need to name it... suggestions?) has been spun and wound onto the niddy-noddy to set, it looks even nicer than it did on the spindle.

merino silk singlesI'm almost tempted to just use the single, but it's a little stiff, so plying would definitely be better for it. The single comes out to about 90 yards, which will make the two-ply something a little short of 45, which... isn't much. Maybe I'll use the fair-intarsia technique from the hoodie to do delicate cables on a pair of grey or black socks. A New Englander can never have too many socks.

And speaking of socks...

I wasn't sure I'd have enough yarn to do it, but it looks like the 4-ish ounces of the second "vintage" yarn I have (100% acrylic Silky Soft by TMA in "Sherbert Ombre") are enough to make a pair of ankle socks. I've dubbed this pair "Acrylicky" because the yarn has a dry, almost squeaky feel. This isn't surprising, considering the content, and while they feel weird to work with, they'll do fine on my feet. At least the color is pretty.


One sock is already finished, and I'll probably begin the other one tonight. I'm going to be busy all weekend, so there won't be much time for knitting. I'll be at Family Nature Day at the White Memorial Conservation Center with my greyhound tomorrow, and at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire on Sunday.

For now, I'm off to get ready to visit my grandmother while she's in town. Lucky me.

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