13 September 2006

Happy Feet

On Friday, at way-too-freaking-early in the morning, I'm getting on a bus bound for Virginia to visit MarimbaChick and her man. The twenty-hour round trip will give me plenty of time to knit, so I'm trying to decide which projects to bring. I want to avoid the more mundane stuff so I don't get too bored, but I don't want to have to pay careful attention to a pattern, either. Socks are perfect for this because a) they're quick, b) even stockinette is interesting when it's done on DPNs, and c) I can practically make them in my sleep.

One of the pairs I'm working on is a Christmas present, and I absolutely love the yarn. It's Plymouth "Encore Colorspun" in colorway #7132 (the store calls it "Fiesta"). The proportions of the pattern make for some neat pooling:


I still need to finish a similar pair for my sister. They were supposed to be a birthday present (in June), and they were essentially finished in time, but I haven't gotten around to weaving in the ends yet. With the weather turning chilly, I should probably finish the darned things before the next time she comes home from school. They're in an even brighter colorway, #7137 ("Citrus"):


I love making brightly-colored socks to wear around the house in the winter. They help make up for the waning daylight hours. Making them in worsted-weight yarn means I can churn them out fairly quickly, keeping my mood up with that feeling of accomplishment.

And no, I didn't apply for Sock Wars. School starts next month, and I need to be able to devote time to that without worrying about whether I'm going to get "killed." ;)

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