24 September 2006

Toque Toque

I got a little toasted in the short time the sun was out at the Faire today. It was okay, though, a good time was had by all. I'm becoming less and less satisfied with the outfit I wear to this faire, which means costume construction may get in the way of even more knitting in the near future. For being a knitblogger, I'm not doing so well with the whole, y'know, knitting thing. Hmm.

It's about time I told y'all about the project in my profile picture, isn't it? See, I have a love for Aran... well, Aran anything, really. Sweaters, hats, blankets, socks... you make it natural-wool-colored and full of cable-y goodness, and I'm in love. That love is what prompted this project. I picked up some Lion Brand Wool-Ease in "Natural Heather" and knit this up on US#8 circs and DPNs.

cable hat, v.1.0

It lacks the complexity of most Aran patterns, but this was another one of those "I want to try this technique and see what happens" projects, so I kept it fairly simple. I loved the way it turned out, until I realized that I'd calculated the gauge without considering the cables, and every time I wore the hat it tried to jump off my fat head.

Some say that a "true" knitter* isn't afraid of frogging FOs. I must be a true knitter, then, because I ripped this sucker apart and started something new.

cable hat, v.2.0

It still isn't perfect, but at least it stays on my head. The yarn is now so overworked that I couldn't use it for anything else even if I wanted to, so my next Aran-ish project will require more yarn. I should use wool, but I can't wear pure wool next to my skin (except my hands), so hats have to be made with blends or synthetics.

I'll try to have some current-project reports this week.

*Are there degrees of knitterdom, or is it a binary thing? Are there false knitters out there? A gal needs to know these things.


Melissa said...

Nice hats. In case you want to see what you missed out on, Sock Wars One of the sock wars people made a flickr group for sock of doom pics. Mine is the lame ass one with light blue/white swirl.
Also- do you have any patterns for socks made with regular weight sock yarn and the short row heel? I'd like to try one of those next.

Lilith Parker said...

This entry has links to the patterns/techniques I've used. I start with the provisional cast-on in the Traveler Sock pattern, then use Alison's short-row technique for the toe and heel, and do the rest in stockinette.

If you like, I can come over some evening so you can watch it being done.

Melissa said...

Yeah that would be fine. I'll make a mini sock for trying it out or something.

Also, I wanted to ask how you got the links and lists onto the right side of your blog. i've been looking at blogger for an hour now trying to figure this out for someone. Is there a button for this that i'm just not seeing or do I have to enter a bunch of info into the template?

Lilith Parker said...

You have to manually enter the links in the template.