30 October 2006

Dead Muppet Purse

Those of you who saw me at Rhinebeck may have seen me working on this bright, happy, fuzzy thing that looked like bits of a dead muppet.

Rhinebeck knitting

I'm happy to report that no muppets were harmed in the making of this project. There was that one a few years ago, but... I digress.

This project began for two reasons:

- A friend gave me a ball of Classic Elite "Phoenix" in "Pink Plume".

- I got tired of looking at the hoodie sleeve sitting around doing nothing, with the better part of two balls of Cascade 220 in that beautiful green unused.

Now, both yarns have a purpose. They're... this thing! So far it's just a big, striped rectangle, but I'm pretty sure it's decided to be a purse. A felted purse. I think. Maybe.

I may be creative, but I'm not terribly decisive sometimes.

dead muppet

I'm hoping that when it felts, the green stripes, being just the Cascade, will felt a little tighter than the pink stripes, which are the Cascade and the Phoenix held together, and it'll give the piece a neat ribbed effect. Whatever happens, it'll be bright and happy, which is exactly what I need now that the sun is setting before I get out of school.

Everybody have their candy ready for the little ones tomorrow?


Alli said...

I like the dead muppet! I bet it'll look smashing when felted.

I've got blue/brown mittens being worked in a cashmere/merino/microfiber blend right now. Lovely stuff.

I've got candy aplenty, but we don't get a ton of kiddies. I'm sure I'll find someone who will handle the candy. *wink*

melissa said...

Thats the yarn I gave you?

Lilith Parker said...

Alli: You can *always* find someone to handle the candy. :) And that mitten blend sounds decadently soft.

Melissa: Yep, that's the ball o' pink fluffiness you gave me. Some of the other yarn you gave me has gone to Texas to be made into a scarf. I'm finding uses for all of it, slowly but surely.

cindy said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of your creative felting. I like the mix of yarns!